AS3 Random Number Generator Code – ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial An ActionScript 3.0 random number generation script for use in Flash or Flex. source

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Actionscript 3.0 Simulated Dice Throw Tutorial for AS3 Flash Game Programming

Source: Learn to programmatically simulate dice throws for any type of numbered dice. You can roll the regular six…

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PHP Random Array Content From Flat Text File Database Tutorial

Script: In this exercise we put several built in PHP functions to use in order to turn an idea…

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JavaScript Tutorial – Get Or Remove Random Array Elements

Lesson Code: Since JavaScript does not have built in methods for selecting or removing array elements randomly, we will…

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Fisher-Yates Shuffle Modern Algorithm JavaScript Programming Tutorial

Lesson Code: In this programming exercise we will demonstrate the concepts behind the Fisher-Yates Modern Shuffle algorithm because we…

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