PHP Tutorial – Extend Class Object Oriented Programming OOP

here Learn to extend your base class with a subclass in PHP object oriented programming. source

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PHP Pagination Tutorial MySQLi Google Style Paged Results Programming

go Lesson Code: Learn to script pagination for PHP and MySQLi based web applications. Use pagination programming when your database…

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Ajax Framework Tutorial JavaScript Module Programming PHP Script Included

Lesson Code: Learn to create the most lightweight Ajax external JavaScript module in the Universe. If you are able…

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9. Forgot Account Password Form Email Script Ajax PHP MySQL Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to program an Ajax PHP MySQL Forgot Password script set for the users of your social…

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Ajax Pagination Tutorial PHP MySQL Database Results Paged With JavaScript

Lesson Code: In this video lesson you can learn to program core Ajax pagination with PHP. We will not…

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PHP Tutorial Bad Word Filter Function and Harmful Character String Replacement System

Lesson Code: Learn to build bad word or harmful character filter functions and data filtration systems for user input.…

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Interactive World Map Tutorial HTML JavaScript PHP Fireworks Continent Country

Graphic design tutorials: Learn to create interactive map interfaces that allow a user to interact with specific areas of…

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2. Database Creation and PHP MySQLi Connection Script Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to create the Database on your host and write a modular PHP script for establishing connection…

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PHP Random Array Content From Flat Text File Database Tutorial

Script: In this exercise we put several built in PHP functions to use in order to turn an idea…

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5. Create the Main JavaScript Module and Insert Other Modules Tutorial

Lesson Code: ajax module: autoscroll: fade and expand/retract: Learn to take a modular approach to your…

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