Audio Workshop 7 Speed Settings JavaScript playbackRate Tutorial

straight from the source Lesson Code: Learn to add playback speed control to your HTML5 multimedia programs using JavaScript. Audio Object Reference:… Continue Reading →

PHP Upload Multiple Files Array Programming Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to program PHP multiple file upload applications. Which is the art of uploading many files as…

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Custom Progress Bar Meter Development For File Upload Forms

Lesson Code: Learn how to develop custom progress bars for your file upload forms to replace the stock HTML5…

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Audio Workshop 1 Play Pause Mute Buttons JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code: Audio Workshop is a series of videos in which we will demonstrate how program the Audio object…

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Hilary Duff: Reddit AMA

Check out the full AMA: Hilary Duff may be most widely known as the star of the hit television…

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Audio Workshop 5 Browser OGG Files JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to serve up .ogg audio files for different browser software. Well into 2014 there are popular…

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