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China recently launched their second space station, and aim to have another by the early 2020s. Just how advanced is China’s space program?

China’s Crazy Plan To Mine The Moon –
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China pretty much just admitted it’s lost control of its space station
“While the gaze of the world was pointed upwards last week as China launched its second ever space station into orbit, the nation appears to have more quietly acknowledged that it has lost control of its first such space station module.”

China’s space program is growing extremely fast
“With NASA’s budget growth stalled, other space programs are looking increasingly competitive. One up-and-comer is China. China’s space program is showing the same kind of explosive growth as its economy, said Chris Impey, an astronomy professor at the University of Arizona, during an interview with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross.”

China: the new space superpower
“For a space programme that has long been shrouded in secrecy, it’s a major step. The Wenchang complex has been designed with large viewing areas, and in the sultry heat of that June night, tens of thousands of spectators stood cheering as the rocket began its 394km journey above the Earth and into orbit.”

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