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Email Marketing – How to Build a Profitable Opt in List

After reading many relevant articles and sought some advices from the expert and read successful story of how top internet marketer that use opt-in list to make a huge fortune then you should decide to use email marketing for your business. If you think you know all about building opt-in list tactics and followed your mentor advice but still can’t make a profit in return. The possibility is you may have done something wrong.

If you read your sales statistics from the last few months you may realizing you are losing money from expenses incurred, even you have a pile of subscribers in your list but only a small percentage will actually buy your product and you will still lose money. Do you think people will buy instantly from you just because you wrote them from the list? This is not case.

You have done it wrong since you begin your email marketing campaign. The most common mistake is people often rash straight in to business without proper market research. First you should choose a subject from keyword research that you think has high popularity in your business category before you incur additional expense for your new campaign. People who have failed with their business from email marketing can rejuvenate their failed venture.

I will offer 3 quick and simple techniques to build a profitable opt-in list.

First, the basic principle of email marketing is to gain your customers’ trust. A first time opt-in customer would not see you as a professional and a trusted businessman. Before you start to sell your product through email to your list you need to put as many relevant contents that are useful to your customers. Try to survey theirs need and gain knowledge about their field of interest and problem, then offer free information that is beneficial to your customers.

Grant professional advices and lessons. Your customers will start to trust you and become more responsive to your offer. You can gain trust from your list but doesn’t mean you can start to send a sale pitch message to them. Tell them how your products or services can act as a solution to their problem and include a link in your email message to forward them to your website. Try to treat your list like friend by building long term relationship. Friends are always better than royalty customers.

It is a fact that money will begin to pour in when your subscribers start to believe in you. They are willing to give you their money in exchange for product that can solve their problem. In general, people will not want to buy product from a stranger recommendation.

Secondly, look for a product or service that people want. If you do not own any product or service that your subscribers’ want then browse through the affiliate network. You should have the intensive knowledge about the product and service that you are going to offer to your list otherwise you may lose your credibility. Invest more time in market research and learn more about the market’ need. By offering your customer with professional advice should gain you a high status.

My advice for you is to sell product that you have interest in otherwise you can easily become bore and will not stay in the business for a long time. Do not sell product that is not popular or profitable to a small group of people it does not compensate substantially for your efforts. Spend more time in searching for a high popularity product that is profitable for you to sell.

Lastly, find a joint venture opportunity with other marketers who have a huge list of successful opt-in subscriber. This will be beneficial to you especially if that person has been in the business for long. They are the top entrepreneurs who have the experience in this venture. There are many free contents available on the internet for you to use and it is nothing like putting your hand from people you trust.

Top entrepreneur will be able to advice what you must and must not do because they have gone through their experiences. Different condition happen for different individual, the expert advice can be very beneficial to your business. These people are able to tell you which one to avoid.

Opt-in lists are build from scratch initially, you should be able to maintain the quality as your list grow. Try to keep your list manageable and organized. Creating a responsive and profitable list does not happen in one day. Be sure to maintain positive relationship with your customers.

Source by Sean Krunch

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