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1. Daily Limit Information

A. Description

The Daily Limit on Personal Vehicles is a tiered system of levels players can be put into. Players are put into these tiers based on an algorithm written by R* to deter glitchers and exploiters from continuously selling vehicles back to back. The tiers can also be referred to as limits, levels or caps. The number of allowable personal vehicle sales per 30 hour period is determined by R* and this value can be adjusted if needed via the tunable file. The current Daily Max is 40 Personal Vehicles per 30 hours. But you do not want to sell more than 9! Remember to always space out your sales by at least 7 minutes. Failure to do this (selling back to back to back) will lower your sale limit..​

B. Levels​

NO LEVEL – Daily Max Determined by Tunable (Currently 40) Do not sell more than 9!

LEVEL 1 – 10 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 2 – 8 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 3 – 6 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 4 – 5 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 5 – 4 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 6 – 3 Vehicles per 30 hours
LEVEL 7 – 3 Vehicles per 30 hours (last warning)

2 Vehicles for every 30 hrs for 9 month period. No Cap recovery.*
1 Vehicle for every 30 hrs for 9 month period. No Cap recovery.*​

*Not enough is known about the Repeat Cap Offender Levels. This will take a long time to test. Best to avoid this area and spread out your sales. This was recently added and could be removed at the mercy of R*​

C. Limit Times (note time changed to 30 hours)
This has added a lot of confusion the last year or so and several non-working bypasses. As you can see there is room for a player to assume his limit is something other than it really is.​
The 30 hour timer is triggered by the first vehicle sold. Then the remaining vehicles (up to limit) may be sold in this 30 hour time period
After the 30 hour window expires a new 30 hour window can be opened by selling another vehicle.
It is possible that you could sell more than your limit in a short period of time. This is not a glitch, it averages out to your limit over 60 hours.​
Spoiler: Example #1
Spoiler: Example #2

2. How To Avoid A Daily Limit​
There is just one simple rule, no matter if you have hit your daily limit or not:​
Always Spread out your Vehicle sales by at least 7 Minutes

3. Steps to Raise Your Sell Limit​
Always spread out your vehicle sales by at least 7 minutes​
Make sure you have not sold any vehicles in the last 30 hours.
Sell 1 Vehicle & Record/Remember the time. This is the vehicle that triggers the 30 hour period.
Using the 7+ minute rule sell as many vehicles until you get the limit message. (logging times is helpful)
The vehicle sold previous to the limit message is your limit. Remember this number.
Repeat Steps 2-4.

Each level is 60 hours. You may have to do steps 2-4 once or twice before you see a change in your limit.
You will see an increase in your limit using these methods unless you are a Repeat Cap Offender (Limit 1 or 2 cars per 30 hours)
Once you are able to sell 9 cars you must not continue to sell. Selling 10 or more cars will report you as an exploit at the risk of becoming a PermanantCapRepeatOffender. Remember not to slip up and sell with less than 7 minute spacing.
Wait…What’s a limit message?
[​IMG] *Note: This message prevents you from a sale. When determining your limit do not count this as a sale.​

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