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Hi, my name is Bobby McIntyre.  I am a musician but also have a Social Media Marketing Company (“Rock Star SEO and Social Media”). Are you tired of hiring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and/or Social Media marketing companies where you never really know what is going on or who is really doing the work? or if they are really doing anything at all?  I do not hide behind my PC.  You can email or call me, or if it works, we can meet in person as well.

I will show you exactly what I am going to do and hopefully get to show you some hands-on training as well.

I promise you will learn many new things, and your eyes will open to how a lot of this really works.

I have amazing affordable Social Media monthly marketing plans for the Indie Artist on a budget as well.

Professional SEO and Web Design/Social Media marketing prices generally range from $50-$200 per hour. Some of these firms are good and some are a complete waste of your money and time.

I charge $40 per hour for my Web Design & SEO Services.  If you want one-on-one consulting/web design and SEO training, then my price is $60 per hour.  This is a better savings for you than most firms out there.

Most firms will never ever actually show you how to do this stuff for yourself, but I will.  I have been compared to the best of the best when it comes to how I train and teach. SEO is not nearly as hard as you might think. I do fantastic honest work and keep you in the loop to exactly what I have done and what you need to keep doing to stay in the game.

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Rock Star Seo will teach you how to do it, or just do it all for you and your business if needed.

It is generally not easy or cheap to implement a solid and effective SEO and social media marketing plan for your business. Most small companies can’t afford this overhead, however, they also can’t afford to not be visible and competitive online.  So what do you do? That’s where “Rock Star SEO and Social Media” steps in.  We can fill this void at a great price, sometimes half the price of other competitors and with better hands-on quality.

Our goal is to keep you or your company visible and also teach you or your company representative how  to do some of this  SEO and marketing on your own. This can save you thousands in the years to come.  The world is online, and if you’re not visible online it can cost your company thousands or worse.

To book a free 1-hour consultation with me about your website and SEO needs, please text me stating your name at (1)-587-357-6900 and we can set up a call. Or send a friend request to —–>    and send me a message.


Monthly management services


Reverbnation marketing and management $59       buyitnow-300x75 New York Marketing

Soundcloud marketing and management $59        buyitnow-300x75 New York Marketing

Twitter Marketing and management     $69               buyitnow-300x75 New York Marketing

Facebook Marketing and management    $69          buyitnow-300x75 New York Marketing

MTV or CMT page Marketing         $99                    buyitnow-300x75 New York Marketing


More of what I do below, prices will range so we will need to chat.


  • New word press powered website design
  • Youtube & Vevo Video Marketing
  • iTunes Marketing
  • Spotify Marketing
  • Guaranteed to be on page one of Google for multiple keywords and phrases
  •  Mobile friendly website design
  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • web pages that not only look good but also convert into sales online
  •  management and content updates
  •  Search engine optimization – SEO
  • Social media marketing account setups and optimizing
  • Social media content authoring and publication
  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Reputation and rating management for yelp Google etc
  • Blog writing, posting and marketing
  • Custom mobile web design
  • PPC management (Google ads, Facebook ads and more)
  • Extensive monthly stats and status reporting to prove ROI
  • One on one consulting and teaching so you can take the lead, via over phone or in person depending on location.
  • Verified  rank and analytics.


The ideal is for you to contact me so you can have a free consultation first to get the specific plan and package that works for you to really make a true online impact, because there is a lot to go over and we need a realistic plan.

I pride myself in being available and reliable, this is not, and you can trust my work, as I have never had a page banned or in trouble.

My cell is (1)-587-357-6900.  (Preferably please text me, stating your name)  Or send a message to my FB fan page —–>