Marina Star

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Marina Star is a Russian-born American singer-songwriter. Marina’s sound is a mix of Electropop and EDM, with entrancing, ethereal vocals and soul touching lyrics. Her artist name created from Marina’s mother’s maiden name – STARshinova. Marina’s music greatly influenced by her New Age vision and spirituality. Her first album “Beautiful Soul”, recorded at Mirrortone Studios in NY, is scheduled for release in spring 2016. Several singles from the album have been already released on many digital stores and music platforms.
Marina Star has been at the top of the Reverbnation global dance charts and ranked as high as #1 in dance genre worldwide out of 3.2 million bands and artists.


Born and raised in Moscow, Marina moved to the US at the age of 14, to live with her mother, in a small valley in Hopkinton, RI. Marina’s parents got divorced when she was 11 years old, and her mother immigrated to the US and remarried. Marina has been traveling back and forth between Russia and America since she was always in a very close relationship with her dad. It was a hard decision to make and to choose to live with only one of the parents. Marina began training with classes in pop vocals, modern dance, piano, and acting at an early age. However, until the age of 21, when Marina moved to the US permanently, she spent most of the time in Russia, where she got most of her education. She began writing her first catalog of songs, at the age of 19, first in Russian and then in English as well.


Marina Star’s sound has been influenced by many genres and artists, including Pop, EDM, Vocal Trance, Europop, House and New Age. She grew up listening to the world famous balladeers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion, and always admired their emotional, full of passion and romance songs and powerful voices.

Famous French singers like Patricia Kaas and Mylene Farmer also were among Marina’s favorite artists. Growing up in Moscow, Marina liked many Russian singers and bands of different genres as well. At a later age, she fell in love with electronic dance and trance music and famous DJ’s like Tiesto, ATB, Paul Van Dyk and many others. And, of course, above all, Marina loves New Age, World, and Ambient music and artists like Enya, Enigma, Sarah Mclachlan, Delerium and also spiritual instrumental music composers like Karunesh, Marc Enfroy and Patrick Kelly.

Music career

Marina Star’s music career began in 2010 when she recorded and self-released her first series of singles with multi-platinum record producer Arty Skye at Skyelab Music Group in New York City. Her first singles were originally produced in the Europop genre style. Later, Marina collaborated with Dan Mathews & Sam Michaels – Grammy award winning producers and DJ’s, known as Klubjumpers, who created an upbeat and EDM style remixes of her songs.

Marina’s first performance with a freshly recorded material was at the annual beauty contest – Miss Diaspora Models International, held at Amnesia nightclub in New York, in 2010. The previous year, Marina also participated as a model contestant at this event and landed a third place.

Dance has always been an essential part of Marina’s performances, and she has been working with well-known choreographers like Neil Schwartz from Broadway Dance Center, and with an international choreographer – Dolores Ninja Parisi, owner of the Hip Hop Dance School in Italy. And among Marina’s dance team were many talented dancers like Justin Conte, Brian Henninger, Johan Correa, Michael Ramos, Martina Heimann, Stephanie Scull, Yasuhare Kawate, Miu Ide, Marie Takano, Alessandra Mai Vinh, Bo Park, Norbert Reyes and Maja Keres.

In 2012, Marina Star started recording her debut album – “Beautiful Soul”, with Roman Molino – producer at the Mirrortone Studios. The sound of this album is a mix of electronic and pop with some elements of vocal trance. Lyrics of the songs reflect Marina’s inner world and her personal qualities, such as spirituality, compassion, and romanticism.

All songs have been written by Marina and based on her relationships and life experience. For few of them, music was written in collaboration with Roman Molino.

In 2013, Marina Star released few songs from her upcoming album and performed at XL nightclub in NY with her great team of dancers. In February 2014, Marina performed on BronxNet television as a guest artist.

Marina has also been working with DJ’s who remixed her songs and played them on the online radio stations. Among them are Klubjumpers, The Sidekixx, and Wayne Numan. And in 2014, Marina Star collaborated with a French DJ and producer DJ Ellie Adc and released new track – “Tomorrow”. Lyrics of this song are very uplifting and spiritual, and it perfectly represents Marina’s personal views. It is about people uniting, awakening and connecting with their Inner Light.


Marina Star loves other New Age writers, artists, and musicians. She values compassion and kindness in people the most and implements her spiritual vision in everything she does from writing music to painting Sacred Geometry. Marina believes in the powerful energy of music and art, and her biggest goal is to be able to uplift, heal and “awaken” people with her music.

“I am here to bring Light and Love with my music and art. I believe in miracles, in my Family of Light and my Guardian Angels and in all Higher Beings of Light that are here now, assisting humanity in their evolution…

I appreciate every new day of my life and love my family, friends, my adorable pets, nature and our amazing planet. I fearlessly face all the challenges on my way and believe in myself. I’m continuously learning from my experiences and working on my evolvement. I’m grateful for all the people I meet along the way, they are my teachers and my inspiration. I know that I’ve chosen this path long before I was born, but it is also up to me how I’m living it.

I’m genuinely happy to meet people who think alike and who have also chosen the path of Light. There are so many of us now… Our time has come, and our powerful, healing energy is growing with every new Awakening Soul…

I’m grateful to my Family of Light for their eternal and unconditional love, their guidance and protection. I wish all of us would embrace our inner Light and let Love fill our hearts so much, that we would have no choice but to let it out into the world.

I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM Marina Star.

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