“Laura Palmer’s Theme” MIDI Notation Actually Kinds Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks” returns Could 21 at 9 p.m. Jap on Showtime. Forward of the brand new season’s premiere, David Lynch music supervisor Dean Hurley has revealed a wierd coincidence from Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic “Twin Peaks” score, as a part of an interview with Vulture. According to Hurley, the MIDI notation for “Laura Palmer’s Theme” makes a pair of peaks (read: Twin Peaks). Hurley said he showed a photo the notation to Lynch, who shouted, “It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic!” Hurley also recalls Badalamenti saying, “Whoa… this is scary… but very cool!” Check out a photo of the “Laura Palmer’s Theme” MIDI notation below.

In other “Twin Peaks” news, Kyle MacLachlan has added a new track to his “Coffeetime” playlist for Spotify. The playlist—which options Elliott Smith, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, and extra—now features a seven-second observe labeled “egassem.” It’s a reversed message, just like how individuals converse within the Red Room of the Black Lodge. Hear it beneath.

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