Dinosaur News – Variation in the recovery of tetrapods after the Permian extinction opened the door for dinosaurs and mammals — ScienceDaily #Dinosaurs

The end-Permian mass extinction (EPME) occurred about 250 million years ago and represents the Earth’s most catastrophic extinction event. Up to 96% of marine

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Dinosaur News – Collaboration creates highest-resolution scan of a large tyrannosaur skull — ScienceDaily #Dinosaurs

Researchers using Los Alamos’ unique neutron-imaging and high-energy X-ray capabilities have exposed the inner structures of the fossil skull of a 74-million-year-old tyrannosauroid dinosaur

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Dinosaur News – 160-million-year-old fossils suggest a new model of life — gliding — for the forerunners of mammals, in an evolutionary parallel to modern mammal gliders — ScienceDaily #Dinosaurs

Two 160 million-year-old mammal fossils discovered in China show that the forerunners of mammals in the Jurassic Period evolved to glide and live in

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