YouTube SEO with Aleyda Solis and Craig Campbell

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Recording of a webinar done by Aleyda Solis and Craig Campbel on YouTube SEO. Aleyda explaining using her experience of YouTube SEO she gained optimizing her own channel. January 2020.

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5:57 Aleyda introduces herself
6:12 Media searches that include videos are one of the top trends in Google
7:24 Optimizing video allows building a presence in two biggest Search Engines
7:49 “Crawling Mondays” case study
11:29 Video kit to start
12:54 Key “video” questions
13:39 Most users discover any video not through the search
14:14 Organic search – the 2nd traffic driver in YouTube
16:34 YouTube will follow audience behavior
17:29 Correlations of YouTube ranking factors
18:54 Stat from popular YouTube Channels
20:46 Identify videos (in your niche) with more engagement
22:26 What topics do your competitors publish about?
23:00 Whic terma trigger video results in Google
24:51 Avoid generic topics
26:01 Establishing a consistent publishing schedule
27:06 Targetting
27:26 SEMrush YouTube targetting
28:26 Tracking
31:03 Structure data
31:58 Start Optimizing
32:33 Tubebuddy and VidIQ save a lot of time
33:38 Closed Captions
34:33 Title, description and hashtags – important ranking factors. Tag and closed caption – NOT
36:38 Thumbnails
37:58 Playlists
38:53 End-screens
42:25 Promote while the video is “new”
43:15 Repurpose your video
46:00 Wistis to embed?
47:75 Rank twice with the same video
52:50 Q&A

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