"You So Black" by Theresa tha SONGBIRD

As we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth, this powerful rendition of Theresa tha SONGBIRD’s poem β€œYou So Black” honors the individuals and Facebook Groups like African American Chess Association, Young Black Entrepreneurs, The Black Cyclist, HBCU Alumni United, Black Coalition of Dancers, Black LGBTQ+ Moms, Loving Our Natural Hair, Black Urban Gardening Society, Official Black Boys Cheer and Black Cowboys who are #MakingAWay every day. #LiftBlackVoices #MoreTogether


19 thoughts on “"You So Black" by Theresa tha SONGBIRD”

  1. Facebook is racist. It is hilarious to see them trying to appear to be all inclusive with their logo being a hand giving a thumbs up, a pale white hand… in a bright blue cuff. White supremacist?

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