Wow, that actually worked.

We made an ad – albeit a 5-second one – for this year’s Big Football Thing. Thank you to our communities who inspire us to pull off crazy stunts, like buying a really expensive media placement three days before kickoff.


30 thoughts on “Wow, that actually worked.”

  1. I'm pretty sure that this is from corporate Reddit, not, you know, the Redditors banding together for a cause. I mean, it's still kinda cool, but in the same way that Budweiser ads are kind cool sometimes, while the corporation itself is lame.

  2. So me buying that Reddit Gold to give it as an award to that Minecraft edit of "Take On Me" was worth it, huh? Little people can do a lot, or so it would seem. Buy Dogecoin!

  3. Never have I been so proud to be a part of this movement. I continue to hold what I got in AMC 😎.

    For all of the downsides that social media has wrought upon the world, it has also done amazing things.

  4. Haha redditrs don't know sports ball, where does the goalie score the field goal at?? Le me when whole family watching stupid normie sport ball lol

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