How i created FREEDOM as an entrepreneur & grew to 8 figures

It’s been a wild ride to build a business that creates massive impact without burning me out. This is the behind-the-scenes of how I did it, and I hope it shows you it’s possible…

Behind-the-scenes Of My Entrepreneurial Journey:

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30 thoughts on “How i created FREEDOM as an entrepreneur & grew to 8 figures”

  1. "If you want to be a narcissistic cunt like me, take my course, give me your hard earned money, and I will teach you nothing that is useful in the real world" – Sunny Lenarduzzi

    I want to thank you deeply for these inspiring words and videos. Thank you so much Sunny!

    For some reason Youtube algorithm recommended this bullshit.

  2. i love you and i love every piece of content that you put out and i so wish to be able to afford to purchase your programs one day. btw this was the best advertising content I've seen lately. loved the idea of it.

  3. Sunny, this is very valuable for a lot of people – the beginning of your journey, your way of scaling your business and the insight of how you´re operating the business. Well done. Wish you the best of luck in the future!

  4. I have learnt so much from you thank you. You have actually motivated me to upload another video only you tube channel thank you so much for teaching on entrepreneurship and all of what it takes. This is has always been my dream to become entrepreneur and with all of this help from you it is working out pretty well. 😊#@Sunny Lenarduzzi

  5. Please make a sleep affirmation meditation video.

    Positive affirmation with your soft voice with meditation frequency music in the background. It can be a 15-20 minute loop that plays for an hour or 2 or…. more.

    I think it would help me and others.

    You know how things like this have helped you. You can help us. Please 😀

  6. this video is amazing sunny!!! thank you for taking me where you started and how you did it! I was feeling a little bit lost in my coaching business and after watch your video I feel motivated and with a clear direction. love when you mention that people is looking for transformation no information! thank you!

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