Flash CS4 CS5.5 Animated 3D Tilting Menus: ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial

Free Source File – http://www.developphp.com/video/Flash/Animated-3D-Tilting-Menus

In this free flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0 tutorial with source download file, you can learn how to create cool animated tilting button menus using the 3D rotation tool in CS4. In the file and video you can see exactly how you need to structure your file to make the magic happen.

We use a combination of nested movieclips to make sure our buttons and everything inside the menu has the animated tilt effect on it when a user mouse rolls over it. When the user mouse rolls out out the menu movieclip we command it to go back to normal view, which is also in the form of an animation.

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27 thoughts on “Flash CS4 CS5.5 Animated 3D Tilting Menus: ActionScript 3.0 Tutorial”

  1. Hi can you help about this code? is this correct? my dynamic text has an instance of object2_lbl & object1_lbl

    else if((String(evt.currentTarget.name)+"_lbl")="object2_lbl")

    wats wrong with that im very thankful to you can help me?

  2. i hope you can help: working on a website. I have a menu mc with 3 btns. I want to control another mc's timeline like this; btn1 gotoandplay "lable1" and stop. on rollout play to end. btn2 gotoandplay "lable2" and stop ,so on. Can you help?

  3. alright i have a problem thats been bugging me i was able to somehow rewrite some of the code on the play button cause it only plaied text an i wanted it to play the film i had made myself…( rookie btw ) an i had

    function click1(event:MouseEvent):void{
    MovieClip(parent.parent).status_txt.text="play Movie";
    combined with
    mainmenu_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mainmenu_btnClick);
    function mainmenu_btnClick(event:Event) {

  4. Great tutorial. Im just starting to get interested in learning flash so im just sort of looking at tuts and getting the gist of flash. Anybody have a good tutorial or somewhere i can work on learning actionscript and get started???

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