Answer Engine Optimisation (The Future of SEO) – an EPIC webinar series hosted by Jason Barnard

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5 seasons, 15 episodes, 45 experts

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Jason Barnard hosts an epic 5-season series of 15 webinars all about Answer Engine Optimisation, the future of SEO

Questions — Experts — Answers.
45 world-leading experts will answer hundreds of questions about AEO: Purna Virji, David Bain, Aaron Bradley, Dawn Anderson, Marie Haynes, David Amerland, AJ Ghergich, Barry Schwartz, Stoney deGeyter, Kristine Schachinger, Bill Sebald, Aiden Carroll, Cindy Krum, David Harry, Patrick Stox, Omi Sido, Eric Enge, Martha Van Berkel, Craig Campbell, Andy Drinkwater and many more.

We will cover almost all the bases of AEO: tech, geek, social, content, brand, patents, graph theory, structured data, AI, philosophy, reputation, devices, strategy and tactics…

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