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Hey folks, I am Dom O’Neill. You are watching this Weekly Wisdom video from SEMrush. In today’s video, you will find out how we made little changes to our video strategy to make a huge difference in the engagement on our videos via social media. Engagement on videos is massively powerful at the moment. It is how you get seen by new people, but it is also how you build relationships with your current clients and your potential clients. Having more engagement in your videos is really, really important, especially if you are using social media strategy to market and sell products and services from your business. Let’s look at some tips that work.

Comment on Others’ Content
Tip number one, even before you pick up the camera, this one is massive. Especially on a platform like LinkedIn, where it is very much about building business relationships and commenting on other people’s posts.

Before you film, before you edit, before you post yourself, you have got to make sure that you are commenting on other people’s posts. If you do that, it will then draw people back to your platform. It will draw people back to your posts, and you will get a lot more engagement because you are building a community, and you are building respect with people in your connections.

Also, the algorithm will work for you, and platforms like LinkedIn will start showing your content to more people if they see that you are a good engager — if you are bringing the party to the platform as it were. Commenting on other people’s posts is massively important even before you do anything else.

Don’t Be Shy
My next tip is, ask your audience what they want. I see so many videos where the person is maybe unconfident about being on video, or they haven’t had a plan for what the video is about, and therefore, at the end of it, there is no call to action. There is no ask for anything.

Now I am not saying that every video needs to be a sales video. I think that would be really bad because it is like when you go to in-person networking events, there is always that person who is just sell, sell, sell and you don’t want to be stuck in a corner with them. And it is the same with video. If all of your videos are sell, sell, sell, a handful of people may continue to like them, but on the whole, they will be a bit of a turnoff.

Call to Action

We need to not just have sales videos; we have to have other videos as well. But even videos that are more educational or entertainment-based need some kind of call to action. Even if it is “comment below”, “get in touch”,or “please like and share.” Call to actions really help engagement. If you are not asking for people to engage, there is a good chance that people won’t engage. As simple as that sounds, asking for engagement on your posts underneath your videos and in your videos is really important.

Make Your Filming Process Easy
We are talking obviously about filming, and we need to know what to film on; that is one of the most asked questions that I get asked, “What should I be filming on?”

The beauty of filming on the smartphone is that it is usually in your pocket all the time, and so if you decide “Right, this would make an awesome video,” pull out the smartphone, and you can get filming. If it is a phone that is relatively new, like from the past two years — if it is iPhone 6 or newer or one of the new Samsungs or Huaweis, the lens will be really, really good. The sound might not be, but we can talk about sound in a minute.

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