Weekly Wisdom with Ross Tavendale: Chrome Extensions for SEOs

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Now you know me. I absolutely love SEO people. So from the moment we start out as juniors all the way up to those really senior stages, we are amazing at hacking things together and building more functionality into what we do. That is why using Chrome is an SEO’s best friend.

Now since I have started, I have been using all these different extensions to make Chrome a lot more functional and ultimately help me save much more time. So this week we took to Twitter to ask the world’s SEO’s what plugins you guys are all using.

This list will offer extensions for the following areas:

Search intelligence
So thank you to everyone who gave all their suggestions on Twitter. If you have any suggestions for plugins or extensions that you use with Chrome, please mention them in the comments down below, and we will jump in and maybe I can share a couple of extras with you as well.

Okay, let’s get started.

Lighthouse Extension – Speed Reports

Firstly, you are going to want to download the Lighthouse extension so you can run speed reports from your browser. Now there are two ways to run a Lighthouse speed report. Firstly if you simply open up Chrome Dev tools by hitting command, shift, and C, it will open up for you. Then go to the audits tab and click run a report; this is a great way to see what you can actually optimize on the site for speed. The downside is a lack of reporting and export functionality.

That is where this browser plugin comes in really handy. Click the little Lighthouse button, it will run the report, and it will give you export options for CSV or HTML so you can easily share it with your team.

Web Developer Plugin
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The next one is essential for technical SEO’s. Big shout out to John Fagan and Tom Greegan for calling this one out. It is, of course, the Web Developer plugin. The great thing about this plugin is it lets you disable elements like JavaScript; it highlights broken links on the page, it outlines all your H-tags and sorts different HTML elements. It is really useful. So when you are diagnosing technical issues, you can zoom right in and see exactly where the problem is.

On the subject of tech and how the site’s actually built, Lewis Koch actually recommended Wappalyzer. So essentially, Wappalyzer identifies the technology that is running on the site. Very cool.

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