Weekly Wisdom with Jason Barnard: The Five P's of Ongoing Content

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1. Platform — One That Suits You and Your Audience
Let’s start with the platform. What do I mean about a platform? You need to make sure that you choose a platform, or a format that suits you, and your users. It could be video, it could be a webinar, it could be a podcast series, or it could be a blog, it could be a newsfeed, or maybe even a gallery if you are a photographer.

What is important is that it appeals to your audience and that you are comfortable with it, and it applies to your business. You also need to find a platform on which to broadcast. That could be YouTube, it could be your website, it could be a blogging platform such as Blogger or Medium, or a podcasting website such as Blubrry.

The two go together — the format you choose and the platform you broadcast from. Make sure that you are comfortable with both. Make sure that you can maintain quality content, and make sure your audience can access them easily.

2. Public — Does it Correspond with Your Product?
Next is the public. You need to make sure that the public corresponds to your product, and that there is a “public” on the platform that you have chosen, who will want to consume the media that you are producing. That might sound very obvious, but it isn’t. Because if we come back to that idea of qualified, pertinent people, who are genuinely interested in the products or the services you are selling; that isn’t quite so easy as it might look.

But make sure that that audience is pertinent and quantified.

3. Personality — Varies by Audience
Next, you need a personality. When I say personality, I don’t mean jokes in your face or a TV personality with big balloons flying off.

I mean a personality that corresponds to the audience that you have chosen — the public that corresponds to your product or your service. So if it is an educational website, you need to have a personality that is teacher-like. If it is a sports website or a sports products, you need somebody who is dynamic, who looks like they do sport and doesn’t eat McDonald’s and drink Coca Cola in front of the camera.

If it is a medical site, you need somebody reassuring. If it is gamers website, you need somebody who looks the part. You don’t want a 50-year-old man such as myself. You want a young person playing these games, who knows about it and truly understands what it is they are talking about. And then you need to make sure that that corresponds to your audience.

You need to make that match between the audience, their expectations, their needs, their likes, their preferences, and the person or the personality you are getting across.

ANeeded Brand Personality

When I talk about personality, I don’t necessarily mean just one person. If that one person leaves your company, you have a problem. So if you have three or four people sharing the burden of creating this content, and using their personality to project onto your product or your service and push that over to the users, then if somebody leaves the company, there will not be a big gap in your content.

So look let us say it is your own product, your own service, and perhaps you can do the whole thing yourself – the personality is you. But if it is not, hedge your bets. Make sure that you have got a variety of people, or a variety of personalities so you can replace them if needs be.

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