WAPG 5 Collision Hit Detection DOM Programming JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/WAPG-5-Collision-Hit-Detection-DOM-Programming-JavaScript-Tutorial
Learn collision and hit detection in the DOM. The DOM is the normal development environment. We already made collision and hit detection tutorials for the HTML5 canvas in my Canvas Bootcamp playlist, which you can find on my channel any time you want.


6 thoughts on “WAPG 5 Collision Hit Detection DOM Programming JavaScript Tutorial”

  1. Hope that is not a dumb question but… if you add tw to tx, isn't it important which part of thing is tx? Left, right, center, top, bottom – of "thing"?
    So, if it f.e. would be at the center, wouldn't we have to add tw/2 instead of tw in order to detect the real pixelperfect collision of the squares? Am I thinking this wrong?

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