SEO Mythbusting with Google & Bing

In the first episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Sandhya Guntreddy (Principal Program Manager, Microsoft) discuss the most common SEO questions they get, the trends they see in the SEO community as well as Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console.

Specific timestamped topics discussed in the first SEO Mythbusting episode:
If I have a lot of backlinks, will I rank higher? (0:00)
How to rank at the top of search engines? (1:43)
I run search ads, will I get ranked higher? (6:09)
Is the SEO community getting more technical? (6:35)
Blockers, Robots.txt, Bingbot and Googlebot (7:15)
Integration of Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools (9:58)
Recommendations for JavaScript SEO (10:35)
Third-party tool scores and query intent vs user intent (12:53)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
Bing Webmaster Tools
Verify Bingbot Tool →
URL & Content Submission API →
Crawl Control →
Import sites from Google Search Console to Bing Webmaster Tools →

Formalizing the Robots Exclusion Protocol Specification (blog post) →

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36 thoughts on “SEO Mythbusting with Google & Bing”

  1. Another fascinating insight into the complex world of SEO. Thanks for talking through some of the more common issues people ask you guys about. For us, getting both the back and front end of our web pages SEO compliant is important. Most importantly though we think the content created should be offering the user something they want/need.

  2. You mention education at the end of the video, However I believe the issue is that you guys don't give us this information. These videos are fantastic however there needs to be set guidelines without the 'yeah maybes'. Reason people use these DA scores and number is because they want to know if what they're doing is correct. Consoles need to tell us if we we're doing is good.

  3. What would be nice is to know exactly what 'ALL' the metrics are, that determine page rank. Obviously, content is king, using proper HTML elements, accessibility and page speed, but what are the other 100+ metrics involved in determining rank. As software engineers and Search engine optimization professionals – I believe we have the right to know these things 😉

  4. For one of the keywords, with monthly search volume of 15K, my client's page ranks #4 in Google. However, that page is not ranking till 5th Page on Bing. I checked on-page optimization, sitemaps, sitescan, robots.txt, re-submitted URL using URL submission tool, but nothing works. I could see that page is indexed in Bing but it doesn't appear for the search query. However, for other keywords Google and Bing SERPs are almost similar. What could be the reason?

  5. I used my Google account to sign up for Bing Search Console, and it was surprisingly easy. All my sitemaps were automatically imported. I basically didn't do anything for a lot of added value. Love it when things just work!

  6. Backlinks are not a myth. Most top sites have hundreds of thousands of them.

    Is it a humorous sequel about what are not a ranking factors?

    People naively watch video to know about ranking factors but hear only about factors which are not a ranking and that "It's not so easy! There are hundreds of them but we will tell you nothing concrete because it's a commersial secret!" – Very funny!

    Better tell us about a new factors – "Core Web Vitals"

    Which I would call a "Chrome user Experience".

    In particular, about the "FID" which (by Google Search Console requirements) should be less than 100 ms(milliseconds)?! Why not a nanoseconds? :^)
    And why does pagespeed
    offer to remove third-party JS-scripts from the site, including google ads and analytics, to speed up the page? :^)

  7. Thank's for this video, very helpful. The only thing i "do not understand" is how abbandoned websites (in niches that need constant updates) have high ranking… I think it is because of backlink and pagerank "if you born first and geted more backlinks, you will be there forever", hehehe!
    I'm kiding of course, but maybe 40% of me meant that…
    Also this is the main YouTube channel for me. Thank's for the good work…

    And for last, forums of plugins and wordpress themes are very busy with CLS and LCP nowdays…

  8. Gosh. This was very much like a coffee pause chat between search engineers. Boring internal chitchat. Why would we be interested in this? You obviously did not think about what we who watch these videos are interested in. Why don't you follow your own advice?

  9. Guys! Listen up! Google and Bing make their money from advertising. Even if you follow their guidelines and create an almost perfect website, your average position will be between 40 and 75. They want you to spend money on ads. Those who are on the "first page" on Google, spend a lot of money on ads and/or are not following google's seo guidelines (some black hat seo techniques still work). And yes, I have evidence.

  10. I will never be convinced that these two companies are not in a contractual relationship where Microsoft is not allowed to innovate their search engine In exchange for use with some of the algorithms and patents in search results

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