How to Use Ahrefs for Keyword Research (And Earn More on Your Website)

In this video, we’ll cover how to use Ahrefs for keyword research your website. With Ahrefs you can do selective searches based on the platform such as Google, Youtube, Amazon or a few other sites.

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Once you search for a keyword with Ahrefs you will have the difficulty indicator for how many backlinks you would want to have to rank well with your site. There is also the search volume to give you an idea of how often the word is searched for and to give an idea of if it is a seasonal search or you can narrow this by country. Ahrefs even has an estimation of how many clicks a site in the first position will normally receive per month.

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6 thoughts on “How to Use Ahrefs for Keyword Research (And Earn More on Your Website)”

  1. Hello I just want to say Thank you, I learned a lot from you. Your way of teaching is effective, you can make things easier to understand. Thank you! And by the way, you have such a nice voice and words are very clear. I subscribed to Your Channel! Keep UP the good work…. I would also love to know How search console works for the websites and How is it beneficial for SEO… i Hope you can do a video for that as well πŸ™‚

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