How to Make Your First Instagram Stories Ad: A Full Walkthrough

Do you want to create Instagram Stories ads but don’t know where to start? Wondering how to make attractive Stories ads without a design background?

Instagram ads expert Susan Wenograd delivers a step-by-step Stories ad walkthrough.

You’ll discover how to customize your creative for the Instagram Stories ad placement without creating a new ad set and find free Instagram tools to improve the quality of your Stories ads video.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Creating Instagram Stories Ads in Facebook Ads Manager
03:47 Editing Ad Placements
04:59 Customizing Ad Creative
09:54 Additional Tools for Creating Instagram Ads

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14 thoughts on “How to Make Your First Instagram Stories Ad: A Full Walkthrough”

  1. Super video thank you! Have you got one on how to set up the shop locations correctly in the business manager? And can you do this if you only have 1 store or is it only for a Franchise?

  2. This was a really great video, thank you! One important thing to point out, however, is that the Stories Templates option/functionality has not been rolled out to every account yet. There are likely to be quite a few people watching this video (like myself!) who don’t see that section available when creating ads. Facebook has the following message on the Business Help Center for Stories Templates: “These features are being introduced gradually. You may not see them yet.” I’ll definitely use these instructions once the feature is made available to me, though. 😊

  3. I understand the need to go through the basics quickly but you need to give accurate information there is no business manager shown on the page and no ad manager. There is an ad center and there is no green button come on guys if you're gonna do it for the basics you need to be a little clearer

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