How to Audit for Inclusive Content – Presented by Emily Triplett Lentz

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Digital marketers have a responsibility to learn to spot the biases that frequently find their way into online copy, replacing them with alternatives that lead to stronger, clearer messaging and that cultivate wider, more loyal, and enthusiastic audiences.

Last year, Help Scout audited several years of content for unintentionally exclusionary language that associated physical disabilities or mental illness with negative-sounding terms, resulting in improved writing clarity and a stronger brand. You’ll learn what inclusive content is, how it helps to engage a larger and more loyal audience, how to conduct an audit of potentially problematic language on a site, and how to optimize for inclusive, welcoming language.
– Presented by Emily Triplett Lentz at Mozcon 2019

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2 thoughts on “How to Audit for Inclusive Content – Presented by Emily Triplett Lentz”

  1. So you can't use words like: manpower, grandfathering, lame, guys, duh, blind, crazy…

    Guys, this stuff is fucking lame. You'd have to be blind not to see that. It's crazy to think what this world has come to. This is crippling our society and only psychos believe this garbage.

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