how i changed my money mindset + became a millionaire

From shoebox apartment to 8 figure business – these 6 money mindset shifts helped me become a multi-millionaire. Let me know what your biggest takeaway is in the comments.
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44 thoughts on “how i changed my money mindset + became a millionaire”

  1. Wow..just posted on how you are saying bye about how I did a video right after and mentioned you and I told you that I didn't get anyone to sign up for my course…. I was feeling like a failure again until I shifted about what you are saying and let go and let God do what He wanted to do to help me help others in the next 12 weeks.

  2. Hey Sunny can you make your life changing booklist other than the book you mention?
    That would be really great, thanks for this video Sunny, I have start writing $10000 cheque everyday xD

  3. I totally believe in visuals and wouldn't mind sacrificing one of my checks to write a number on there! I think my check would say $100,000. More than enough to pay off debt and have plenty leftover! Let's get it!

  4. Great video! These are all in my daily productivity list as I grow my business. Glad you could share this with others. Yes, you need to pay yourself first.

  5. Hi Sunny, Aarron here from Helensville, New Zealand where's it's 5:00 pm, with your help I've identified what Dr Eric Berg describes as a concept worthy of a Nobel Prise. I'm sure how or why I stumbled on it and it's a concept so simple that all your viewers will want to tune at around in 7 hours time – midnight local time.

  6. This year I finally faced my money mindset and looking at it differently, vs. being in that scarcity mindset. I’m working towards more abundance and grateful for where I am! Thanks to you I have learned so much 😁

  7. I resonated with this video so much! Especially about generosity and being what you want to attract into your life! I'm constantly working on my money mindset and this is just the reminder that I needed! Thank you Sunny! 🙏🏻💞🙌🏻

  8. A huge thanks to you Sunny, I was introduced to your courses by my friend Alisia Krastel, took the Youtube for Boses and really dived in, I still have lots to learn but I can feel "traction" for the first time in a long time. Looking forward to see more content from you. Congrats on Approaching 500.000 Subs.

    Today to create wealth :

    – I'm creating new content (every Thursday @ 1:00) we batch record now as per your suggestion , fun fact : my videographer/producer's nickname is also JerrBear
    – working on my online course. launching on the 15th of January.

  9. Great content Sunny 😊, i am working on this many years now, still living in scarsity🤦🏻‍♀️. Hope one day, i can move on…🤞🏻. Thanks for sharing🌻

  10. I subscribe when the pandemic 1st happened. Your content helped then and since the shift of your channel I enjoy it more. It has truly help me in this season of me life. I’ve taken YT for bosses course launched my YouTube channel and can’t wait to see where I am in a year. Thank you for being an example and creating great content

  11. Wow, I’m so grateful I found you. Thank you for being so inspirational and helpful! I’m working through my money blocks and seeing how they show up especially as I’m building my business supporting heart coherence. I’ve healed so much with a shift in mindset (heart-set!) and now I see how I need to keep going with money. This video has been so helpful!! Thank you 🙏🏻

  12. Great video – thank you! How do you balance between giving too much away for free vs. giving the right amount? How much should you wow people vs giving them the how in a YouTube video?

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