Google Ads Help: About Smart Display campaigns

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11 thoughts on “Google Ads Help: About Smart Display campaigns”

  1. is it better to create a new campaign or use a exisitng campaign on google ads?

    Ex: i had run a campaign for a product with some discount in september 2020.

    In october 2020, i am promoting same product with change in discount.

    How existing campaign helps product in improving in results?

    what are the disadvantages of creating new campaign instead of using existing campaign?

  2. I must say…I've been CRUSHING it with Smart Display campaigns recently. Placements that historically haven't worked well for me – are now doing much better. Pairing smart bidding signals at a user level is so huge. We've seen the most success when setting tCPAs around 10-20% higher than the Last 7 day average…along with have 3-4x that target CPA goal. Sure…this doesn't work for every client – but, I've definitely seen it work!

  3. Google ads are out of control.. I can't study for my learners license because google ads block everything can't read anything. Thanks alot assholes.

  4. My all adds are disapprove by saying binary options but my videos is about travel .and have nothing like this. I did everything like appeak or creat new add but still facing same issue

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