38 thoughts on “2. How to Create A Basic Membership Website System Using PHP and MySQL Tutorial”

  1. Hi Adam, Can you tell me why this is not working, spent 8 hours no luck:

    Can anyone tell me why this does not work:


    $user = 'root';
    $pass = '';
    $db = 'test';
    $db = new mysqli('localhost', $user, $pass, $db) or die("Unable to connect");

    echo "Well Done";

    $sql = "INSERT INTO test ". "(firstname,surname, dob) ". "VALUES('Jay','Roy', '05/01/1990')";

  2. it just comes up with a load of errors like

    Notice: Undefined variable: state in C:)wampw)wwm)emberSystem)Basicj)oin_form.P)HP on line 138 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0013715112{main}( )..join_form.php:0

  3. Well if you have bought a domain then it will send you a email with your host, if you didnt buy a domain then i dont know but if you did then thats the case, mostly the host is something like ftp.(yourservername).com or .nl or .eu something like that

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