Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers Need- Presented by Rand Fishkin

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It’s been a rough couple of years in search. Google’s domination and need for additional growth have turned the search giant into a competitor for more and more publishers and plateaued the longstanding trend of Google’s growing referral traffic. But in the midst of this turmoil, opportunities have emerged, too. In this presentation, Rand will look not only at how Google (and Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and others) have leveraged their monopoly power in concerning ways, but also how to find opportunities for traffic, branding, and marketing success. – Presented by Rand Fishkin at Mozcon 2019

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4 thoughts on “Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers Need- Presented by Rand Fishkin”

  1. Rand Fishkin is one of the best. I've learned a lot from him, especially about branding. Wanna SEO results then start sharing value to create brand awareness. I use it for my YouTube channel as well.

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