How to Use Facebook Live from the Desktop: Facebook Live Producer

Want to live stream on Facebook? Wondering how to go live without third party tools?

Live video expert Stephanie Liu leads a step by step tutorial for setting up a livestream with Facebook Live Producer.

Use these pre-broadcast tips to make sure you’ve got the right tech in place for live streaming on Facebook, and learn how to activate valuable features that improve engagement and live stream management.

You’ll also find out how to customize the thumbnail for your Facebook live video.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 Preparation Checklist
01:35 Facebook Live Producer Settings
05:33 Live Stream Set Up
09:30 Live Stream Gear Set Up
10:22 Facebook Live Producer Interface
12:37 Managing Your Video After the Stream
13:34 Additional Resources

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30 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook Live from the Desktop: Facebook Live Producer”

  1. Once a scheduled video was created with FB Live, from via personal account, an announcement post should appear on one's personal wall. Once the event started, the live video becomes available. This announcement feature, as of a few days ago does appear to be available. What happened?

  2. Hi, thanks for the explanatory video!
    I have a question for which I couldn't find the answer, not even in your video.
    How do I see how many people are watching my live streaming? I don't mean the names (I think that is not an option on anyway), I mean the number of people who are watching me in that moment.
    Just to make sure I am not talkign to myself.
    I went live today on my business page and couldnt understand whether somebody was watching or not. The only way was if they commented ont he streaming.

  3. Thanks very much for this descriptive video. Do you know if there is a way to go live using facebook producer for audio only lives ? And is this only available on our phones or can audio lives be accessed through desktop also? Thanks.

  4. just one questions actually. I was told that if I go live in a FB business group I won't see any comments? Is that true? In which case I would rather set up a group in my personal FB profile?

  5. Wow! I learnt so much here! Best ever video, straight to the point, no blablabla but 100% amazing and useful information. I almost didn't watch it because the length of the video did put me off but now super happy I did!

  6. I went live today but couldn't see my audience comments! I was only able to see them after I was done with the live stream, any reason why I couldn't see them? They were posting on real time. It's a bit frustrating as I was asking questions and they were answering but I couldn't see it

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