How To Show Up For EVERY Local Search Step By Step [Local SEO 2021]

In todays video, I take you through how to rank local SEO pages for the towns or cities you are targeting. I am often asked, how can I show up higher for local searches without being in that area? The short answer is, it’s not simple. The better answer is, I am going to show you a way to do so without having to get penalized by Google.

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Google’s algorithm focuses on showing business’s that are physically located where the user is searching. Because of this, it can be hard to appear in the local maps results in those areas. To combat this, you must have a strategy to get your website to show in those areas. This is why SEO’s created something called local doorway pages. Doorway pages were often local content that were duplicate pages specifically for ranking in target towns using spam methods. Local SEO doorway pages are now seen in Google’s eyes, as spam. Because of this, many local SEO experts have stopped using this strategy because of the risk of getting their website penalized.

But this is not the case, what if we could rank local doorway pages without being penalized? Well that’s exactly what we’re covering in todays video regarding local SEO for your target towns and locations. To start this, you should ensure your local SEO strategy includes Google My Business, local directory listings management, and local pages for town specific SEO curated pages. Using these strategies together can yield a higher local SEO ranking and ultimately, more phone calls for your business. If you’re excited to learn how to rank your website for all of your target towns and cities, make sure to watch the entire video from beginning to the end.

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