how i'm saying BYE to 2020

This is my end of the year ritual, and I think it might be the best way to say BYE to 2020…

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49 thoughts on “how i'm saying BYE to 2020”

  1. This was wonderful Sunny, thank you! Even though I know you write yourself letters (like your 90 day letters) I love that you shared this openly with us and talked about what you learned. Love the P.O. box idea!

  2. Love, love, love your letter Sunny. We have a similar yearly tradition as well, do we every year on the 21st we call "Espiritu de la Navidad" where we write 21 wishes and we don't look at it until the following year. All the best to you in 2021 Sunny. XOXO

  3. 2020 is a tough year for all of us. The bad economy, social distancing, unemployment, sickness and loss. Let's hope for the best and stay safe everyone. Wish everyone have a new chapter in 2021 and stay healthy.

  4. I just think you're so adorable and you're a real inspiration to me. I'm stumbling awkwardly through the YouTube forest and having you as my trusty native guide gives me confidence. Even though my results are pretty lame at this point, I have great faith in the future. And although setting the letter on fire was an effective gesture and nicely theatrical, I bet you set off every smoke alarm in the building. Blessing on you for 2021!

  5. love this soooo much Sunny ❤️❤️❤️ This year has been the best year personally and in my business in my entire life. I am beyond grateful for this. I feel like I finally stepped into my force of nature because I finally aligned my purpose and my passion – as Oprah would say. ❤️

  6. This video was so raw and deep. Every moment in life, regardless of how we label it is sacred. In 2021, may you have those coffee dates with dad (i loved the facebook video you did with your dad that was awesome) and may you have more time with mum. As for me, I will sit down and finish the amazing Youtube for Bosses course which I think is massively crazy awesome. Thanks Sunny, I love your work

  7. I'm smiling as you named my course about navigating the unknown by Trusting Your Intuition ! Transition with Intuition and feeling our way through the unexpected. Thank you Sunny!

  8. This is a good way to say goodbye. Our past should not define our future. Future should not be planned, it should be welcomed as a surprise and challenge with a fresh perspective. So letting go of past and accepting the uncertainty of the future as a surprise is an authentic way of living life.

  9. Wait what? You’re in Vancouver? I have been watching and recommending you for years. My wife and I love your insights. Great to know you’re up north with us! Even though we’re in Edmonton

  10. Thanks for the eye-opening here. I never liked doing this type of exercise, because I thought I was boxing myself in for the future, closing myself off from unforeseen opportunities, and guaranteeing nothing but shame and disappointment in myself for falling short.

    Instead, I now see that it's a way to see where we were at all that time ago, and a reminder to always have a vision and a plan, but to remember that you sometimes have to throw that plan aside and follow what's in front of you.

    I'll partake in this ritual this year. Let's see if it's something I can learn to like now that I have a healthier perspective.

  11. Wow this is taking visualisation to the next level, love this idea! I’m thinking now of writing a similar letter myself, I do have fears though they I won’t be able to achieve much and feel ashamed of myself reading a letter a year after..

    You did really well in 2020, both in your professional and personal life, well done! Amazing how your channel has blossomed beyond your wildest dreams, must feel awesome!

    The year definitely had its challenges, but it’s awesome how it helped you to realise what’s really important. I had a big shift in my priorities this year too ❤️

  12. Happy New Year, Sunny. This year is ending in a difficult way for me. My mom died of Covid on Christmas day. It's been hard, but I do feel bathed in love from my friends and family. I feel oddly freed. Tough times have a way of illuminating what is truly important. I will be doing this exercise and sending my copy across the bridge.

  13. Sunny!!! This is the BEST!!! I love this so much! THANK YOU for sharing this is brought me to tears, you are so strong and inspiring! Thank you for being brave with us and showing up for yourself and us time and time again!

  14. Wow, Sunny. You are such a light! Just when I thought I couldn't watch one more New Year's video, I found the one that made the biggest difference to me. I'm deeply touched, inspired and, pretty much in awe of your humility and heart. THANK YOU!

  15. I love how different your goals were from reality, yet you found a way to pivot/look at it in a positive light. I had a very transformative year, realizing I don't value the goals I made at the beginning anywhere near as much as I thought. It's interesting reading what I cared about before all of this.

  16. This is such a great idea!!! I'm gonna do it.
    I'm about to start a YouTube channel of my own to motivate moms/women who deal with mental health issues. I deal with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar. I have gone from seeing a therapist 2 times a week to once a month!!!I want to help those dealing with these issues. I plan to cover cleaning, organizing, meal prep, and fitness on my channel. Let's see where I'm at a year from now!!!!!

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