Google Ads Tutorials: Creating Video action campaigns

Video action campaigns help drive conversions. Learn how to set up your campaign, set the right bid & budget and build your Video action ad.

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21 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Creating Video action campaigns”

  1. I am seriously SICK of getting the "Get some money for your ad balance now" ads on youtube. I have told you TIME AND TIME again that I'm not interested.
    If you need to make an add to sell your shit, then it's 99% somehting I don't want, don't need and don't give a shit about.
    I build my personality on the way I treat the people around me, not the worthless CRAP I consume. I have told you HUNDREDS of times to stop showing me that ad now, and I still get it.
    So I can't really say your mechanics works at fucking all. The only thing it's resulted in is that everytime I see a product from googles clever damn adds, I put it on a list of "shit never, ever to buy for any reason."
    I don't want to buy ads from Google. I don't want to sell JACK SHIT through google, I don't want, nor do I like those services. I'm an adult, and perfectly capable if selecting what services I'm instersted in myself. Stop shoving it in my face, it's beyond condecending.
    The most irritating thing is how you pretend to give a rats ass about my opinion, and then flat-out ignore it. It's like growing up with an abusive parent.

  2. Is it really worth doing all this when your support people are arrogant and unhelpful and you are pretty much against small business fulfilling the interests of your giant brothers of yours like amazon…ebay…nike…go to hell google

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