33 thoughts on “WAPG 2 keyframes Animation Programming CSS JavaScript”

  1. I don't know if this is a tutorial that is monitored or not. But I have a question.
    My animation ID is #menu
    my CSS is: #menu { animation code, animation-play-state: paused; }
    my JavaScript is: document.getElementById("menu"). style.animationPlayState = "running";
    my Button ID:menu, is clicked and does what it is supposed to do. Except that my code above doesn't play the animation as expected.

    I understand that my approach is different as I don't use the document.styleSheets[n].cssRules[n]; – method.

    Background on JS on my CSS:
    When I click the buttons, the background image changes from "hamburger" to "X". At this time, my JS does if "hamburger" then change to "X" and play animation. Play animation isn't triggered.

    This isn't working: pseodocode

    If (hamburger)
    document.getElementById("menu"). style.animationPlayState = "running";
    document.getElementById("menu"). style.animationPlayState = "paused";

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  3. I learned how to use PHP, mysqli, vanilla js, html, css, raw ajax, etc through your videos and now I'm finding out that there are faster, more efficient, and technologies that make web applications more scalable like nodejs, react, angular, express, mongodb, django, ruby on rails, java servlets, jsp pages. Is this true? I'm a fan of PHP since it's easy. it's sad to have to move from LAMP to MEAN stack and those teachnologies are harder to learn. Will you ever be making tutorials on these newer and apparently better technologies?

  4. Adam, could you cover queued animations? As I have learned recently, the SMIL animation method, which has an easy way to time animation, is deprecated for SVG and CSS animation recommended.

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