Why Is Mobile SEO Important? | Lesson 22/31 | SEMrush Academy

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You will learn how to make your website to flawlessly work on mobile devices.
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0:05 Why is mobile SEO important?
1:03 Google’s mobile-first indexing

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Mobile web use has absolutely exploded, with most sites now seeing more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Mobile SEO is vital if you want to be sure that you’re visible to customers at the right time and place.

According to Google research, mobile device users are more likely to purchase after a search than desktop users, so they’re more valuable to your bottom line.

There’s a lot of overlap between desktop SEO and mobile SEO – in fact, all of the tactics that we’ve covered in previous lessons apply to both desktop and mobile. You’re still focusing on performance, content, and user experience.

One primary difference of SEO for mobile is that with mobile SEO, you’re typically focusing more on local results.

In the past Google’s index was based off desktop crawls. So, even when you are searching using a mobile device, the results that you see are based off of the desktop results.

In 2018 Google’s switching to a mobile-first index. Effectively, they’re reversing directions… Now, even when you search on a desktop computer, the index will be based off of crawls of the mobile web.

Many businesses remove content from their mobile sites because they think that their sites are prettier on mobile devices if they have less content. If you have less content on your mobile device, you’ll be less likely to show up in searches – even on desktop computers. You’ve got to have the content on your mobile site if you want to show up well.

The speed at which your mobile site loads is also incredibly important, and it’s a weighted factor in the mobile first index. It’s important to follow best practices and do everything you can to speed up your mobile site – your customers will love you and you’ll show up higher in searches.

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