13 thoughts on “#TwitterBlueroom LIVE with BLACKPINK Custom Album Cover | Twitter”

  1. Twitter is a Leftist Propaganda operation. BlackPink should not tarnish their reputation by wasting their time on Twitter. Korea of all countries should know the danger of supporting Chinese Communist Puppets like Twitter.

  2. Волосы:

    шампунь, душь, фен, расческа, ножница, цвет волос, минут, плойка, прямые волосы, обруч и лак.

  3. hi twitter very nice video but pleasee fix your twitter is servers connection because when are lm loading in twitter it loads soo slow pleaseee twitter fix your servers is connection in twitter pleasee this needs to stop it anoying me soo much pleasee promise to fix your servers is connections pleasee twitter!

  4. Imagine having a ceo that is a complete and utter scumbag, dorsey is a stain on humanity and there should be no place for degenerate filth like him at the head of even a small company.

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