is social media *really* bad for you?

Social media – the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s a big part of my job, so how do I handle it? Watch for my best tips on how to use social media and not let it use you…


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49 thoughts on “is social media *really* bad for you?”

  1. I got put in FB jail so much- I was IN – be out less than a day and go back– and finally said "forget it"–best thing that happened to me.. I dont use it any more except for my work. BARELY.
    As to the friction- I burned things up with friction.. Got kicked off for basically telling a Know it NOTHING he was full of crap as a christmas goose!! I Can't stand it-don't even like to use it on desktop any more.. I DO use Telegram but ONLY with about two other people- and besides, never turn the phone ON unless I'm out for business.

  2. I don't agree……. social media is absolutely necessary in this digital age…..I learn a lot of things on Instagram and Facebook……..only thing is about ratio/ quantity of time spent on social media…….1 hour a day is perfect in my opinion 👍

  3. I know this may sound crazy but I run multiple accounts and I actually have a phone for each account and that allows me to leave those work phones on my desk and "walk away" when I am not working. Many people trip out that I have so many phones but the amount of money I spend doing this is worth the organization of my time.

  4. This is so true! I just did an episode talking about social media and I called it the Devil in the Devices. Because it is so true that this thing is luring us to get addicted to it and it has no shame in how it effects our Mental Health! Love your work!!! Keep up the positivity!

  5. Sunny, I have lost myself and been wrapped up in BOTH past relationship (gave my power away) and my Business/Customers spent WAY MORE TIME on them than on myself and my family. It proved results not welcomed in my future. Thank you for your share Sunny! Love learning with you… xx

  6. I’ve turned off all my notifications since yesterday, I’ve never been so focused on my work without being distracted by my phone, I don’t know why I’ve never thought about turning them off before but life changing ! Thanks

  7. I lovee that you mentioned not using filters and showing up as your most authentic self online! 👌🏻💯It is soo alarming seeing the rates of plastic surgery going up with young women believing that what they see online is real and natural!

  8. Agree 👍 i took my face book down now thinking of just getting rid it fully. Took my personal instgram down etc. I relise i dont have to share ever detail. My attitude as change. Now i have just my tarot and i happy with that. I will say i have missed it but at same time it been enlighting x was doing that to. Thibk some times social media can make us lazy with interaction. Around family friends. Etc. And i have got more times in hand my home looking more organised. X

  9. OMG I'm ashamed by my social screen time… 9 HOURS and 13 MINS!!! Clearly I'm CONSUMING more than actually CREATING. What a shame!!! But I'm so thankful for this video and the truth bombs you were handing out. I have got to start being more intentional with my social screen time!

  10. Thank you thank you for these tips! Right after I type this, I’m clearing my search histories on everything… since I am stuck seeing the same things over and over. Also, going to try your advice of using YouTube while logged out. Oh, and my phone will also be sleeping in the kitchen from now on!! 😄

  11. I really love your videos and especially the part about quality over quantity. It alleviates the stress of unrealistic expectation on yourself to produce mass content to the detriment of your own wellbeing. = burnout.

    Aside from Youtube I've been off all social media for over a year. This is what I've personally learned.

    What I dont miss:
    * petty arguments that "friends" start because you didn't like or comment on their photo or status the second they posted as if to say: did you breathe that breath before liking my status? Why? Was breathing more important…etc.
    * same type of "friends" that get mad if you post a profile photo of you with another friend, a landscape or your pet lizard because you should automatically know they are number one at all times, everytime, and need to be included in everything.
    * living for likes like its life support
    * meme queens and copy paste viral status-ers
    * Conversations with everyone I know that starts with: did you see on Facebook?…
    * people that write you asking how you are, then they read your response you send back asking the same, then they ghost you for eternity.

    Things I now enjoy without Social Media:
    * peace, sanity, piece of mind and no perfect pictures and lifestyles to compare everything to that plummet my mood into " I suck at life and am a complete loser"
    * time and energy to put into productive things, spending time with people I love and/ or places I feel inspired by or that bring me joy and truly uplift my spirits.
    * enjoying the life moments, in the moment as sacred without constant recapture that would take a whole other lifetime to review, or wait for outside validation after I post, that those sacred moments are special, measured by the amount of likes they receive.

    Things I miss about Social Media:
    * hearing other people's stories of overcoming adversity that boosts your motivation and inspires you (enter youtube)
    * cute animal videos
    * connection to people in far away lands that you adore
    * Sharing your art, creations or talents with people you love and getting the support you need
    * meeting new friends and like minded people from all over the world

    What I've learned:
    You really get to know who is true and who isnt, and learn how to use that to your benefit, not as a hit to your self esteem. Social Media can be a great tool for success or a trigger for mental illness.

    Thanks for letting me share

  12. I just got out of a 19year relationship with a fake loving woman it was heartbreaking 4 Kids later but now I have learnt you need to love yourself so you know your worth in value and that way you can run a lot earlier in the relationship at the first hint of trouble and I'm still single it's been great I really think that I'm the one for me lol

  13. Thanks Sunny for sharing this. Social media unfortunately is a big part of growing an online business. I have had a difficult time trying to get myself to engage on social media, although I have found that there is something I like about instagram but at the same time it's a big turn off. It seems like instagram is filled with scammers and schemers and it feels like I'm a big bulls eye for people that are trying to stuff their wallets. Something that I need to work on is being a little more careful about who I follow and filter out the negatives.

  14. Yup!! My channel and podcast is about helping women get OUT and heal from toxic relationships. Unfortunately, this is way too common now. I'm shifting to focus on my youTube channel and will have two videos coming out specifically about the impacts on women and also children. We repeat these patterns of influence in other aspects of our lives. It could start with a toxic partner or parent, and then we get away and wind up dealing with a toxic neighbor, friend, or boss. Love that you're calling social media what it IS Sunny!! Yes, of course, there's an upside, but there's a massive downside to social as well. Giving ourselves control by turning off the app or alerts, is sooo much nicer than being notification bombed ALL. DAY. LONG. Ugh. Thank you for covering this!!! I think people need to feel more agency in their lives and totally free to OPT OUT of social and all the other things people think their friends and family expect from them. Using it with intention gives you so much more control and sanity!!

  15. Nice! So much good info here. I love the recommendations for turning off notifications and deleting SM apps from the phone. I've had notifications off for years now because they used to stress me out! Now I just need to figure out how to get my Apple Watch to stop shaming me about exercise and sitting time. Hahaha! Really great tips here though. I like how you talk about creating meaningful and intentional content too. I'm taking a month break from creating videos so I can develop my lead magnet and landing page but I'm also working on re-framing the videos so they are 3-5 minutes long. To say more in less and get to the point (I tend to ramble), so I can be respectful of busy parents' time. One thing that has been super helpful with all the "noise" on FB is belonging to different groups. Like YT4B and some other groups I'm in. People tend to take their opinions and personal views out and focus on something more meaningful. That's been super helpful to engage in and good for my mental health. Seems more purposeful! Anyhoo, thanks for an insightful video. Time to close this box down and go for a midday stroll through the neighborhood. Much love and respect!

  16. BOOM!!! Nice one Sunny. So many positive, life affirming, reclaiming our space, messages. I am loving how you are weaving and integrating your essence and learnings into your work (and happy wedding planning!) Well done. xxx

  17. During this lockdown, my screentime was increasing insanely…and m really thankful for this video, because this is the year when my screen time was increasing, and this is the year that I have to appear for my board exams…thank you so much for this video

  18. Good stuff and kudos to you for having a good conscience with this video. I have found myself spending less and less time on Social Media and have found I am much happier. I had joined some Guitar groups on FB to offer my knowledge but even there, when I offer some good valuable playing tips there are ALWAYS some trolls that have to spread the negativity. I think I'll stick with YT to help Guitar players out

  19. I love these videos you're making lately. They are so life related and also go back to the core of your channel education as well. It's interesting to see how it all comes together. As a creator my self I can relate to a lot of this. I personally have slowed down at times to save my self from burning out and I have also set boundaries just from trial and error of living and learning. So it's great that you can convey this to someone who may be able to relate or even to someone who has not gone through it and hopefully through this wisdom they can avoid the hole and stay sharp and have a happy and healthy relationship with social media! Also you're looking very healthy and happy yourself lately so whatever you're doing is working well! Oh and showing up naturally is working great for you and again realistic is the best for all of us!

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