How to Easily Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

Are you looking to add videos to your site on WordPress? Videos help draw attention to your site and are a great way to boost user engagement on posts and pages when placed there. These videos can take up a large amount of space if you upload them directly which is why we recommend embedding them. In this video, we will show you how to easily embed videos in WordPress.

WordPress comes with an auto-embed feature to make embedding videos on your site a simple process. For YouTube, you would start by going to the video you are wanting to embed and copying the URL in the address bar. Log in and edit the post that you would like the video embedded on and paste the URL there.

Your WordPress site should automatically change the link into a video in your editor and you should be able to move it as you would be able to move text. WordPress allows you to embed more than just videos from YouTube such as embedding tweets from twitter.

For embedding tweets from twitter you would want to go to where the tweet is located and if it is on a page you would want to click the drop-down arrow for the specific tweet and copy the link to the tweet. Go back to the post or page you are editing and paste the link there. Just as with the Youtube link it should automatically transform the link into an embed in your editor.

Instagram works using the same method where you visit the post directly and copy the URL on the page. When you paste it into your WordPress post editor and your site will attempt to transform it into an embed similar to YouTube and Twitter.

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29 thoughts on “How to Easily Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts”

  1. Thank you for your useful video, would you please help me how can I add like/dislike toolbar under the video in YouTube to word press blog? Should I add any plugin for that?

  2. Thank you for the video! Is there any way to make it so that the social media posts are aligned next to each other when pasting them in rather than have them top down? It would be ideal if they are next to each other and more compact, at least for the blog page that I manage. Thanks!

  3. Late to the conversation and new to building a website
    I’m using Elementor and Astra.

    My question is about embedding videos vs using a blog post to redirect to YouTube?

    I want to make a page or a blog page to show (in a grid layout) thumbnails of YouTube videos, that sends visitors to my YouTube channel rather than a blog post or embedding videos on my website.

    I read where embedding shouldn’t increase my website size too much, but what if I have 100 videos that I want to display in post grid layout.

    How do I send people to my YouTube Channel? Is it by simply adding the url to the image or button in a blog post, or will that automatically embed the video?

    Also, am I confusing things by using the post grid in Elementor to send people to a YouTube channel rather than an actual blog post.

    Hope this makes sense

    Thanks for any help

  4. Hello thank you for your videos…. question I do a lot of livestreaming on to facebook … when I embed the facebook livestream on to my website whether it be a page or a blogpost … the views that are made on the website or blog post .. do they get counted into the overall number of views for the facebook livestream count ?

  5. I added my you tube video/link into my blog and it does show up, however on the blog page with previews of all blogs, it doesn't show the video. What can I do to make it show in the preview?

  6. Hey Man please help me. I have a problem that is i am unable to post a video which i have selected to my PC. After updating the video is not showing in my wordpress website even at Local host. Title works but video would be showed after clicking on that particular title rather i want the video to be shown right after the title in wordpress website. Please help !!

  7. I am making a course that I want to sell. I have a plugin for course structure. I don't know where to put my videos. I don't want them public on YouTube. What do I do?

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