29 thoughts on “How to Create a Website the Right Way For Beginners Part 8”

  1. An update to this: Dreamweaver CS6 now has a menu item that makes these automatically, and generates the code for it. So we don't really have to copy/paste all of this any more. What you're searching for in Dreamweaver is "Spry Menu". (Insert>Spry>Spry Menu Bar) Then, choose vertical or horizontal, and once it's inserted, you can adjust all of your CSS through your properties panel at the bottom, and change the font, the links for the pre-generated buttons, you name it! Dreamweaver CS6 rules! 🙂

  2. Hi Adam, I would like to ask how do you make the main div highlighted too? I tried change and add alot but none of them seems to work, example is like the eveonline site. Any possible method?

  3. Is there a way to have a delay? I don't like mousing over and having things pop-up and take over the page. It would be better if there was a pause before activation. Then maybe a delay before it goes away. Thanks

  4. takes too long? wtf bro? you got lazy on us or something? why ju gotta be like that meng!? johnny5 need more input! I don't wanna see drop downs that already work in diff browsers then hear why you don't like firefox again- thats supa dupa boring!

  5. @vTechBoX i agree with you but i figured some of it out! here is the drop down menu Click learn CSS then scroll down and click Pure CSS Drop Down Menu Example 1 and what i did was make my navigation with plain text. make the whole navigation bar k? then highlight ONE link and and paste the code over it. it will jumble your code a little but try to not lose place and replace Menu Item with your link you just replaced. then you can go to the code and change all the menu items

  6. I love this series. Please keep them coming. If possible I'd like you to touch on dynamic lists that repopulate themselves as the user clicks on a value in the preceding list. For example, the first list might be Company locations by country and the second list is locations by city. If the user clicks on "United States" in the first list, the second list will come back with only cities in the US.

  7. Hey Adam mah mann! 😀

    9 and 10 sounds great! But I'd really like to see this as an entire series. A full site! 😀

    I was also hoping you could show us how to set up a search feature with PHP and whatever else.

    Keep rockin' mah sox!

  8. @iTuTuber
    I use FTP (file transfer protocol). In Dreamweaver you can set it up to upload your files into your online account and work live on your pages. I believe Adam was using FileZilla and it works the same way.

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