How Storytelling Drives the Purchase Process | Terry Rice, Entrepreneur Magazine

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Terry Rice, Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence, Entrepreneur Magazine

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There is a fundamental – and critical – disconnect between the way businesses try to engage their audience and the way their audience wants to be engaged.

In order to make a more genuine connection, we need to do a better job of listening to our audience and presenting content that resonates with them. If you’re leveraging the same tactics from 2018 that you did in 2019, you’re in trouble. And things aren’t looking any better for 2020 either.

So what can we do? During this session, we’ll address the critical questions that must be answered in order for your audience to trust and engage with you. Leveraging best practices from design thinking, and insights gained from numerous interviews with top-performing brands, you’ll walk away with a launch plan that will revolutionize your online marketing activities. These tactics require little to no budget, but are extremely impactful. You’ll also discover best practices for audience research, which can be leveraged for marketing and innovation.

– Learn how to conduct audience research for little or no cost
– Leverage user-generated content to reach a broader audience
– Discover the critical questions to be answered for your audience to trust and engage with you

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