Dark Helmet's Guide to Local Domination with @Google Posts and Q&A – Presented by Greg Gifford

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Google Posts and Questions & Answers are two incredibly powerful features of Google My Business, yet most people don’t even know they exist.

Greg will walk through Google Posts in detail, sharing how they work, how to use them, and tips for optimization based on testing with hundreds of clients.

He’ll also cover the Q&A section of GMB (a feature that lets anyone in the community speak for your business), share the results of a research project covering hundreds of clients, share some hilarious examples of Q&A run wild, and explain exactly how to use Q&A the right way to win more local business. – Presented by Greg Gifford at Mozcon 2019

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3 thoughts on “Dark Helmet's Guide to Local Domination with @Google Posts and Q&A – Presented by Greg Gifford”

  1. I was at the 2019 Moz Con and saw Greg live. 10/10 best speaker. Does the Moz team plan on uploading more the 2019 guest speakers to Youtube? They are a wealth of knowledge.

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