Choose the Best Website Builder for Making Your Website (2020)

Looking to start your own site but not sure which platform is best for you? It’s a tough choice as there are several different platforms to choose from and each can have their pros and cons. In this video, we’ll help you choose the best blogging platform for you and the pros and cons of each.

WPBeginner’s BlueHost deal:
– Max control over the site
– Robust Features
– Thousands of themes and plugins
– You are responsible for maintenance, updates, and backups
– $2.75/month

– Fully hosted
– Dozens of templates
– Built in functionality
– Shows Wix branding
– Shows ads on site
– moving is difficult
– free
– $9/month to $26.25/month

– Dedicated to ecommerce
– Payment gateways accepted
– Inventory management system
– Thousands of themes
– Expensive
– $29/month to $299/month
– $9/month to add to an existing site

– Fully hosted
– Drag and drop design
– Built in ecommerce support
– Built in features
– Limited features
– 3% transaction fees on sales
– Free tier
– $8/month billed annually
– $12.99/month
– Buy domain name separately

– Fully hosted platform
– Dozens of themes and apps
– Ecommerce
– Limited integrations
– Can’t add your own gateway
– $12.99/month – $18.00/month
– Ecommerce $26-40/month
– Purchase domain name
– Fully hosted platform
– Free and paid themes
– Free and paid plugins
– No plugins on lower tiers
– No ad network on lower tiers
– No ecommerce on lower tiers
– Free
– $4.00 – $8.25/month
– $24.92/month billed annually for business

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20 thoughts on “Choose the Best Website Builder for Making Your Website (2020)”

  1. I have looked in on some of these sites.
    The biggest cons I've experienced with ready-made solutions are speeds, responsiveness (mobility) and loading times.
    Eg. SquareSpace loads lots of scripts before the content is displayed and this can take a lot of time before users see the content on a mobile. Lots of customers and traffic lost there. Besides that their template might package content in "new images" so when the screen i small the content won't flow smoothly underneath the text and the text/buttons get unclickable/unreadable.

  2. hi ma'm i want to learn a knowledge about making website by word press so where from start your video in youtube, so that gradually i can learn making website thanks for your reply

  3. WPBeginner, what solution is best for a website that allows a gateway that provides a recurring payment feature?
    What would you suggest for a website that promotes products as an affiliate marketer? For instance I'm settling real estate wealth building products as an affiliate for several companies.
    Thank you. I'm a new subscriber!

  4. hi

    I want to publish an ebook online for android.

    But i want the reader can't copy paste it or illegally distribute it.

    He can just read it.

    Can it be done on any website if the user open the website for limited times (suppose 50 times) with some password and after that he can't.

    Plz help

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