Acrobat: Creating custom dynamic stamps |

This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter two of the Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics course presented by author Brian Wood. Watch more at

The complete course has a total duration of 9 hours and 36 minutes. Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics table of contents:

1. Creating Articles
2. Collaborating
3. Acrobat Connect
4. Multimedia
5. Creating Forms (Professional Only)
6. LiveCycle Designer (Windows Professional Only)
7. JavaScript and Acrobat
8. Security
9. PDF Optimizer
10. Indexing
11. Accessibility
12. Becoming a Power User


6 thoughts on “Acrobat: Creating custom dynamic stamps |”

  1. Great video, was able to create the custom digital stamp. Only problem is when I use it, it flips to portrait instead of landscape. Then I have to manually rotate it to landscape and it is not straight and just wasting time. Anyone know how I can make it default to landscape? I tried every setting I could find.

  2. This is so far the most helpful and simple to follow instructional video. Thank you so much ! I struggled to create a custom stamp and now I know how to !!! Yey…. Is there an option to also insert a text next to the time? and can i copy this stamp and transfer it to another computer ?
    Thank you in advance.

  3. I'm trying to 'LITERALLY" create a brand new "from nothing" dynamic stamp.  I don't have anything, no pdf to choose….nothing to start with.  I also don't have a Stamps folder anywhere.  I have everything else in the video……but nothing  to start with. You have all these pdfs in a folder and don't have a single pdf to start with……..HOW DO I GET A PDF TO START WITH!?  Then I can listen and follow along with what you're doing to a stamp that actually exists

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