4 Hours of E-A-T (Google's EAT – Expertise, Authority and Trust)

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Everyone in the SEO industry agrees that E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) is fundamental to any viable strategy that aims at being visible in Google today. But beyond just being visible on organic search results, the concept hooks directly into almost every other digital marketing channel. In short, your entire online marketing strategy will benefit from an E-A-T approach.
Join Jennifer Slegg, Marie Haynes, Jono Alderson, Jason Barnard, and many more for a mega-webinar to learn about placing E-A-T front and center and transforming your digital marketing strategy.

4:28 An Overview of Google’s Search Quality Raters 1️⃣
9:26 How Does E-A-T Impact Search Rankings?
14:49 How Important Is E-A-T?
23:40 The Importance of Reputation for Websites
35:20 Can You Overdo Trying To Show Your E-A-T?
49:12 Prioritize User Experience
01:04:50 How To Align Content with Google’s Need for E-A-T 2️⃣
01:19:45 Google Core Updates and How Google Determines Good Content
01:29:40 Clickbait or Shocking Content Titles Ruin E-A-T
01:38:36 How Search Engine Journal Implements E-A-T
01:53:57 Content Quality Improvements: How Long Until You Benefit in SERPs?
02:07:36 Using Structured Data to Show E-A-T 3️⃣
02:15:28 Zero-Click Search Results and The Future of Search
02:34:15 Have a System for Adding Schema
02:43:37 The Benefits of other Types of Structured Data
02:54:30 Do You Need Schema Markup on Every Web Page
03:06:30 The Four Signals of External Authority 4️⃣
03:14:56 How to Become Authoritative for a Given Entity
03:30:31 Could Featured Snippets Indicate a Healthy E-A-T Profile?
03:49:50 Simplifying the Idea of E-A-T
03:57:45 Final Takeaways on E-A-T

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