Weekly Wisdom YouTube Keyword Research by Itamar Blauer

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First of all, we want to begin by looking at the truth behind keyword research on YouTube. The first thing to understand is that Google does not provide monthly search volume data for YouTube. Google does not actually tell you the exact figures about how many people type in a certain phrase into YouTube search.

There are some third-party tools that use something called “clickstream data”, which is the analysis and processing of users’ activity and clicks on their systems. Usually, clickstream data is supposed to be more accurate, but based on my testing, this hasn’t really been proven. It is also worth noting that clickstream data does vary depending on the ISPs and user behavior and things of that nature. So clickstream data isn’t a guaranteed way of you knowing exactly how people are behaving, even though it is slightly more accurate.

The question is: if Google does not provide us with this data, then what do they provide us that might be able to help us? Well, there are two different tools. There is the YouTube auto-suggest feature on the YouTube search box, and there is also Google Trends, which is a very, very good feature.

Let’s start with YouTube auto-suggest; this can be done by going onto YouTube and typing a keyword in the search bar. It will then show you suggestions of all other keywords that are related to this keyword that you have put in based on what YouTube deems to be relevant. Most of the time, this is a great way for you to get ideas about what kind of keywords to target. What shows up in the YouTube auto-suggest wouldn’t appear if YouTube didn’t think there was any demand for this keyword phrase.

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