Weekly Wisdom: Project Management in SEO by Ross Tavendale

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When I meet new clients, I often say that SEO is just really advanced admin. The site needs to be technically strong enough for Google to use it and for customers to use it. It needs to be organized in the right way, and it needs to be recommended by other websites. So in short, tech, content, and links, which sounds really simple, right?
But, what if you have had a link penalty, but also there’s a bunch of 404s in your site? What if your sitemap contains non-canonical URLs, but you also have broken links? What if your all attributes are missing from 90% of pages, but descriptions are missing from 10.

Working out how to manage this SEO process is really, really hard, and working out what to do first is of paramount importance. Imagine spending a month of client time fixing their all attributes or writing content on a blog that’s not indexed.

SEO Frameworks and Project Management:
In this Weekly Wisdom, we are going to look at two concepts of project management, as well as diving into Type A Media’s own SEO framework we use in client accounts.

Firstly, let’s look at the framework for delivering it. There are two types of outputs from an agency. You have got the research, then the delivery. We do research to understand what to physically do, and then we do what we say we will do, really simply.

The research phase is called REST, which stands for research, evaluation, strategy, and tactics.

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