We All Want Second Chances: LinkedIn For Good

All of us want a second chance to make good our mistakes or to do better.

For ex-offenders, a second chance is about getting a job so that they can reintegrate back into the community. But getting a job as an ex-offender is tougher than we think.

There’s something each one of us can do to help. Our employees met and worked with some ex-offenders to help them establish their professional identities and expand their networks. If you believe in giving ex-offenders a second chance, we invite you to join this movement by sharing this post with your network.


3 thoughts on “We All Want Second Chances: LinkedIn For Good”

  1. The company must not forget that in the past they used to be giving the knowledge to their employee in order to do the job.

    Sometimes we cant find a school which teach us what they need in the company in order to aply to the position requested.

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