Titles, Snippets and Result Previews (WMConf MTV '19)

Phiroze Parakh, Software Engineer at Google, discusses the core pillars for result previews: relevance, guidance, depth, and diversity. Find out how titles, snippets, pictures, and videos are shown in Google Search.

Create good titles and snippets in Search Results → https://goo.gle/2ZflXzh

Watch all the recorded talks from WMConf MTV ’19 → https://goo.gle/2QHcmy6

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4 thoughts on “Titles, Snippets and Result Previews (WMConf MTV '19)”

  1. One of the best videos from Google. Very informative and educational for webmasters. Way better than Webmaster Central office-hours were the guy most of the time when asked a question throws his hands up in the air and says "… I don't know … it's the algorithm …" More of those PLEASE!

  2. Its my opinion that Google Should remove question/answers which comes in middle of the pages. Reason : As of now user getting confused due to lots of resulte pages in SERP.

    Google should precisely present result like previous it was.

    It's my own opinion and no negative feedback.

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