4 thoughts on “Seem smarter than everyone else, with Twitter”

  1. It would help if you improved your customer service and developed a heart instead of injustifiably locking peoples Twitter accounts. I have had an account for 4 years which i have put in hardwork to develop and met some incredibly followers. Out of the blue you informed me that my account had been compromised and then sent a code to my email account – which i am not able to get into . Prior to this when my account was compromised a few times before , you just asked to confirm my email address and i was able to get back me . But this time you sent a code . I informed you of this and you still pertain to be difficult. I provided you with all the details possibe, but yet you refuse to send a code to my alterative address . I tried to contact you and your fall to address my issue. I have done nothing wrong but yet it appears YOU have deliberately locked my account and my account was not compromised because when i try to create another , you immediately block it .I am shocked that you continued to recieve profit for the despeciable way you treat people that sign up to an account with you

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