Minding The Message, The Journey, Episode 5, Season 2

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Have you ever struggled refining the messaging for a launch? Watch as Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) and his team work on tapping into emotional messaging for their launch. On another front, Michael is struggling with mindset issues and seeks the advice of his mastermind group.

Key Mentions:

Ray Edwards: https://rayedwards.com/welcome/
Pat Flynn: https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/
Mark Mason: https://www.latenightim.com/
Cliff Ravenscraft: https://www.cliffravenscraft.com/
Leslie Samuel: https://www.becomeablogger.com/
Ilyena Wechsler: https://greenarrowdigital.com/
AI Media provides closed captioning: https://www.ai-media.tv/


14 thoughts on “Minding The Message, The Journey, Episode 5, Season 2”

  1. I have people who speak the truth to me and it has helped in a number of ways:-
    1.I have learnt to be accountable for all actions that bring either negativity or positivity in what I choose to engage in.
    2.I have been able to see my true self.
    3.I have come to realize that truth will always yield a positive mindset in the goals that you set for yourself everyday.

  2. One of the (other) trade groups I'm in administers "peer circles" of local industry pros who I meet with occasionally. Just had a one-on-one coffee date this morning and we talked about business challenges and family life. I mentioned that someone had told me to get my new logo trademarked and my peer said it wasn't something she'd advise investing in at this early stage if I were one of her branding clients. Great advice.

    During the full group Meetups, we trade advice in an "ask and give" format. It's an all-female group, and one of the things I noticed about your masterminds was that they are all male. I think it might be easier to give straight advice in a small group if the mix is of people of similar career lengths, educational backgrounds, and who have complimentary skill sets.
    Wherever there are perceived power imbalances that could be rooted in gender, it becomes more difficult to maintain equal footing and conduct round table style discussions without someone being deferred to and becoming the de facto leader. But then, my flagship client is a nonprofit that deals with gender equality, so that's often where my mind goes first.

  3. I am shocked you didn't ask your audience of marketers how they would market the show. Social Media Marketing world is the only marketing conference you have to go to in a year because you get so much info it takes a year to implement it all. Social Media Marketing world – more knowledge than you can use in a year. SMMW – Powers your marketing for a year. SMMW-Powers you for the year! You can take it from there. Love the show. I get ideas every time. You have the most awesome team!

  4. Things I like about this week's Journey:

    1. I was in it. 😉
    2. I know how REAL this is.
    3. I think it takes GUTS to do what you're doing with the Journey.

    Thanks for being an inspiration, Mike.

  5. I love your mastermind group. What an awesome bunch of people. They were right, forcing you to start something, stop procrastinating! Love it!!!!!

    I also have a coach, he is incredible and has really helped me propel to the next level, and FORCES me to be honest and speak in "I" statements. So great!

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