Live SEO Audit 2018 For iPhone Repair Company

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1. Might be a good idea to check ads
2. Add correct file URLS
3. Add online and offline conversion tracking
4. Short video on top converting pages
5. H1 Tag on home page
6. Internal link silo’s anchor shouldn’t canabalize each other
7. Cognitive SEO content checker for home page
8. Get rid of date archives, tags, uncategorized, category/blog
9. Get broken link checker and fix 404’s
10. Services should have dropdown
11. 2-3 internal links per 1000 words (should be linking to home page and other relevant pages with the keywords you’re trying rank for) 1-2 external per thousand words
12. Unique content for each page.
13. Topical seeding (try to rank for an entity around your subject)
14. Video content to streamline content creation
15. Go through Moz local and update indexing platforms:
16. Might be a good idea to start targeting list based searches around iPhone repair (stockpile SEO method: Top 10 ways to Repair an iPhone 8 in 2018)
17. Fill out missing meta descriptions
18. When doing topical seeding for title tags., you will want to replace the h1’s to follow suit
19. Missing 19 alt tags on images
20. Fix schema markup
21. Setup conversion tracking for ads
22. CTR iPhone Repair Fort Wayne (Affordable Cell Phone Screen Replacement)
23. Link Search Console and Adwords
24. Link Adwords and Analytics and Analytics and Search Console

Top Ten Recommendations:

1. Setup conversion tracking especially for ads
2. Fix citations (inconsistent and add more local specific citations)
3. Yoast optimization (no index thin content pages, dates, author, tags, pagination etc.)
4. Unique content for every page (may want to use the video creation + transcription method) – can use cognitive SEO
5. Internal link silo’s
6. Topical seeding throughout side (adding semantically relevant keywords throughout main titles)
7. Fill out all the missing meta descriptions
8. Fill out Schema Markup on the site
9. Go through Moz Local add missing information
10. Start content marketing with CTA’s

This audit video:

Conversion tracking video:

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